EZ RACKING is a Distributor and Installer of
warehouse pallet racking systems in Vancouver BC.

With many years of experience in the warehousing storage industry, EZ Racking are able to supply and implement a variety of pallet storage systems.

When you need help with storage design or installation, call EZ Racking. You’ll be working with experts, near you, never more than a phone call away. Every EZ Racking system can be tailored to your exact storage needs. Whether you wish to fit out a warehouse for pallet storage, a cold store or garment storage, there will be a pallet racking system to suit.

There's also a wide selection of pallet racking protection systems for frame and upright protection and a full range of accessories.

Let us find the best storage solution for your warehouse. Call today (778) 968-2239

When you choose EZ RACKING for your warehouse storage solution, you will be supported through every step of the process, from discovery and design to implementation and follow up. We pride ourselves on versatility, systems integration, service, and value.


EZ RACKING covers all sizes of installations from small to very large and complex.


EZ RACKING helps you discover the right blend of storage systems to suit the unique needs of your business.


EZ RACKING provides top-quality service from a project's design concept to project management to installation and beyond.


EZ RACKING helps you meet your operational objectives and maximize your budget.